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Rodrigo y Gabriela Promote a Vegan Lifestyle

7 Février 2016, 16:35pm

Publié par amisdesbetes

Rodrigo et Gabriela belle découverte sur le site de PETA

Musical duo Rodrigo y Gabriela take time out from strumming their addictive, acoustic guitar sets to star in a PETA campaign promoting a vegan lifestyle. These compassionate rockers draw the comparison between human rights and animal rights and denounce cruelty to any species.

Rodrigo explains, "I consider animal rights very linked to human rights and to environmental rights. For me it's just one issue." By enjoying a plant-based diet, you can help prevent cruelty to animals, improve your health, and protect our planet. The official handbook for the Live Earth concerts says that "refusing meat" is the "single most effective thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint."

Rodrigo y Gabriela Promote a Vegan Lifestyle

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